This is probably the question that more often we receive, as experts on the Camino de Santiago: which is the best season to walk the Camino de Santiago? Of course, it depends mostly on the route you choose, so let’s try to fix all the conditions that you should consider.

Before we start, please remember that Spain is located in the north hemisphere, so the months between December and February are the coldest ones.

Also, be aware of the myths! Santiago de Compostela is situated in the North of Spain, and this place has nothing in common with the south beaches, neither with the well-known islands.

Having this in mind, let’s have a look month by month, according to the climate and temperature variations that you can live in the most walked route, the French Route.

November, December and January, the coldest months

This is not the best season to walk the Camino de Santiago, with high probabilities to face snow and ice (yes, Spain can also be snowy!) If you decide to walk the Camino in winter, please consider to have some complications in the León area, and in the highest mounts, especially in St Jean Pied de Port.

Another problem that perhaps you will face on those months could be to find some of the hostels for pilgrims closed, especially in December. Always check that they are really open to the public in the last two weeks of December and the first two ones of January.  

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February, March and April: warmer, but rainy!

The last 100 Km. of the Camino are always wet. In any season there is probability of rain, but in this one, you will have it for sure.

You can easily solve the morning chilly with proper warm clothes, considering that close to the midday and after it the climate will be definitely warmer.  Moreover in that season the days start to be longer, so you can walk every stage calmer.

Consider also the Holy Week feast days. They follow a mobile schema, according to the liturgical Spanish calendar.

Even though these feast days have religious sense, frequently many people take advantage of them to tour around, so this can affect to the hostels schedule and also attracting large crowds.

Best season to walk the Camino

May and June, the best season to walk the Camino de Santiago

Unquestionably, if you don’t want to care about the weather, the best months to walk the Camino are May and June.

Consequently it is also the most crowded moment. Almost every Spaniard use to rest in august, so you should definitely avoid July and August, if trying to avoid crowded places and the hottest season.

You should also have into account two important dates: the Santiago’s day, Spain’s patron saint, occurs precisely every 25 July, so probably you will face problems finding facilities in Santiago de Compostela if you arrive to the city that day, or maybe you can find it very expensive, because of the great influx of pilgrims and tourists.

Another date to consider is August the 15th. In Spain the Festivity of the Assumption of the Holy Mary is celebrated that day. It is considered an important feast day, so many shops do not work this day, more over in the Horeca sector.

September and October, a warm autumn

Those two months probably are the most convenient ones. In October the rainy season starts again, so please consider this factor in getting ready with the equipment.

Our experience from Living the Camino recommends precisely September as the best season to walk the St. James Way. There is not too much people, the climate is soft, and the days are long enough for a luminous walk.

According to your experience, which is the most convenient season to walk the Camino? Please, share with us your experiences right down, in Comments of this post. Also you can find us all around the clock in the social sites, looking forward to know your experience!