The St. James Way is an incredible adventure that no one can miss. On the contrary of a conventional trip, the Camino demands some planning, especially if you are coming from abroad. And precisely because of that, choose the right Camino route becomes crucial for the success of the whole trip, as well as count with the help of the blog Living the Camino.

Choose the right Camino route for every pilgrim type

The Camino offers very different things for those who decided to start this adventure.

For some of them, it is the opportunity to live a unique pilgrimage by the entire Europe. For other ones, it means a family trip, involving the occasion to strengthen relationships and enjoy the nature. Even there is room for those looking forward to exploring new sport routes.

In any of those cases, you should have into consideration that there is not only one route, but a lot of them, and even inside the most walked ones there are some alternatives, that could suppose the success or failure of a whole stage.

That is why choose the right Camino route is that important. That way you will enjoy a personalized experience, according to the type of pilgrim you are.

Travel the St. James Way by bike

Should I trip to Spain with my own bike? There is no need!

Living The Camino proposes at your disposal some routes, to choose the one that better fits into your time availability and physical requirements. Also, we provide you a service to rent a bike.

The most adequate routes to walk by bike are the French Route, the Portuguese Route, the Sanabria Route, and the Silver Route.

In any of those routes we will find a well-defined layout, properly signalized by friends of Camino association and local authorities.

No-one of those routes fit your preferences? Don’t worry, Living the Camino proposes you the possibility to personalize your route.

Walk the Camino with your family

As well as a sport, the Camino is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen relationships with family and friends. If you plan to walk accompanied, it is a trip that brings a direct contact with the nature that will enrich old and young people.

The most important factor? To ensure that the layout it is not too demanding, and the stages not too long, although anyway, it also depends on the physical form of the ones walking with you.

Having that into account, we recommend to walk the last 100 km of the Camino, the minimum distance required to receive the Compostela, a kind of “certificate” that you have really walk the trip.

If you decided to walk the Camino with children, could be a challenge for them to find the sense of this non-conventional trip, although with a different appeal. You will find easier to convince them if you usually join an urban environment (much easier, of course than for those who grew up among sheep and pastures).

Anyway, both the French Route and the Portuguese, as well as the Finisterra one, are all good options to walk with children, especially from 12 or 13 y.o.

As a recommendation, could be the best option if they can come with another children, forming a group for them to find the trip much interesting, also in the rest moments: the Camino is much more than simply walk!

Camino de Santiago facilitated, a solution for each one

Here come the good news: the Camino is designed for each one, included those with disabilities.

This is the result of a huge effort and many resources invest from the public and private sector, to develop accessible stages. According to the complexity of the layout, this is a great success, and we would love those with disabilities to discover these possibilities.

The governmental representative platform of people with disabilities (predif, acronym of the Spanish “plataforma representativa estatal de personas con discapacidad física”) has developed a guide with all the useful information to enjoy a Camino accesible.

In this guide you will find a route in the French layout, with specified information about which accessible stretches you can find on it, and where to discover monuments, leisure centers, adapted facilities and information points.

Predif has analyzed a total of 608, 60 km of the French Camino from Redecilla del Camino to Santiago de Compostela.

Do you have any comment about which route is more suitable for the plan you have already imagine? You contact us by the social media. We are in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Have a nice Camino!