If you remember our previous blogpost, about how to get ready to the Camino de Santiago, probably also remember how we mentioned that this adventure requires a good preparation to enjoy it. But, what about the psychological training? How should be the mental preparation for the Camino?

Search for your own reasons

Every single person walking the Camino has a reason. Some of them are looking for a new experience: sports, culture, gastronomy…. Most of them have also a religious or spiritual motivation.

If that is your case, be aware of the tiredness: it can beat you very soon, and your interior eagerness can also flag.

That is why you need also a psychological training, which will help you to achieve the goals you are fighting for.

You can start precisely by identifying the reasons to walk. Write them down, if necessary, in priority order. That way you will be able to have them by hand, and to remember why you decided to start  this adventure.

Mental preparation for the Camino, when you are already there

For a good mental preparation, it is very important to devote some time planning the stages, according to your physical capacities. It should help you as a flexible guide to enjoy the Camino, but not getting obsessed by the necessity to cover those stages, or get to the finish line, in Santiago de Compostela.

The stops in the Camino will help you to enjoy the environment, but also to clear your head and it facilitates also the relaxation. Thanks to them you will continue the rhythm with new intensity in the next stage.

How to manage tiredness and effort

If you get exhausted, the consequences are clear: you need more time to recover, and with more difficulties.

That is why you need not to use up all your strength, or to overcome your effort.

You just need an affordable and independent rhythm, from the rest of the people, if you are walking the Camino in group.

Walk should become a natural activity, not a punishment or a corporal over effort.

According to this, as you dose the exercise intensity, when training in the gym or at home, in the Camino you need to dose the stops to make it more pleasant.

Achieve your personal goals

As we commented previously, at the beginning of this post, there are many reasons by which you decided to start this adventure. Whichever they are, in order this trip to change you by true, it is very convenient to fix some short term goals.

This way, you will avoid to be permanently looking at your walking, or to see how the days are passing by, and you do not solve those situations that previously you decided to think about.

By writing your reasons before you start this spiritual journey, once you are involved in this adventure, you can also write down your impressions, thoughts and suggestions to change, that you would like for your life.

Meet new people

A mental preparation for the Camino also implies to be awareness of the fact that you will meet many new people.

Other pilgrims, volunteers, or local people, can show you valuable lessons, and for sure you will have them as a precious help in deepening the spirit of the Camino.

Open your experiences to those people with whom you will meet. Do not forget to whish to the other pilgrims a pleasant trip, by the phrase “Buen Camino!” which means in Spanish “Hoping that your way will be good”.

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