We all perfectly know that the Camino de Santiago enjoys perfect health. But not all of us know that the 65% of the pilgrims in the Camino, who walk this amazing adventure every year are from abroad Spain. In this week’s post we analyzed last data about the origin of the pilgrims in the Camino.

More pilgrims in the Camino than usual

In this first quintile of 2017 the rising tendency of number of pilgrims who arrive to Santiago de Compostela has been constant. They suppose a little bit higher than 133%, in the same period of last year.

Totally, until may 2017, 81.490 persons have visited the grove of the Apostle St. James.

The majority of them, almost 65%, have been foreigners, according to the information provided by the Xunta de Galicia, the official local office in charge of the civil Administration of the Santiago de Compostela city.

French Way: the most popular

Among all the ways, once again, the French Way has been the most crowded one, walked by six on every ten pilgrims in the Camino.

After it, the Portuguese Way, with the 21,3% of the pilgrims, the North Way (4,2%), the Original Way (3,5%) and the Coast Way (2%).

It is also important to highlight that among all the pilgrims in the Camino, 65% of them are not from Spain, but foreigners from all around the world.

According once again with the data proposed by the Xunta de Galicia, in this current year has been 13% more persons walking the Camino, if looking at the same period of last year, 2016.

Italians and Germans, the largest amount of pilgrims in the Camino in 2016

The Pilgrim Office actualizes every day the number of pilgrims arriving to Santiago de Compostela.

According to their information, we learn than in 2016 a total of 277.854 pilgrims joined the Camino, mostly (91%) walking, and only 8% by bike.

The origins of the pilgrims in 2016 shows also interesting facts: the country that exported more pilgrims is Italy, with more than 15%.

After the Italians, Germans were the most numerously pilgrims, representing 13%. And some curious  fact: 2.95% of the Camino pilgrims were from Korea.

Becoming younger, and with religious motivation

Lastly, among the interesting statistics offered by the Pilgrim Office, it is interesting to check the age of the pilgrims who walked the Camino de Santiago in 2016.

The great majority of pilgrims in the Camino are among 30 and 60 years old, but an important 27% are younger than 30 y.o.

According to the motivation to walk this trip, a huge majority highlighted the spiritual inspiration to walk it. Also the cultural/spiritual reasons are important.

For a small percentage, just cultural motivation is the principal one.

What do you think about these interesting statistics about pilgrims in the Camino? We expect more and more people to join this important pilgrimage, no matter the age and origins.