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Camino de Santiago - Frequently Asked Questions
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Camino de Santiago - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should I prepare for my Camino?

It is important, although not compulsory, to be in good shape so you can face long walks. We do not mean you have to be an athlete to accomplish this journey, but it is recommendable to prepare your body some moths before you start walking the Way; you can go to the gym, do running, go out for a walk every day…Make your body become used to exercise so it doesn’t complain later on.

  • What clothes should I wear while walking?

It doesn’t matter when are you walking, your clothes must be breathable, light, pale-colored and resistant. Nowadays, there are many specialized shops offering guidance about the clothes you should get. And remember, the most important thing is to be comfortable, not pretty.

Footwear is also essential; it must be adjustable to your feet, previously used (do not wear them for the first time while walking the Way!), breathable, comfortable, appropriate for any kind of path, waterproof, and resistant. You need to take into account that you are going to wear that footwear along hundreds of km and it has to be your best ally, not your worst enemy.

  • Which route is the best for me?

Next thing on the list is to plan the route. Where do you want to start, which stretches are you going to walk, how many stages are you going to divide the route in, where are you going to sleep and eat…

Depending on the time you have available to do the Way, you will be able to walk a shorter or longer stretch. It is not the same having a month to walk the whole Way than having just a week, being able to walk just the last kilometers.

So, take a pencil, paper and a map, or enter our website,www.livingthecamino.com, and choose the route you prefer.

You will always find different options: group trips, family trips, solo trips, in hostels, in inns, in hotels…But the most important thing is that it has to be a plan so you don’t get surprises.

  • Which is the best month to walk the Way?

First of all, you need to choose the season you prefer to do it. This is a very important decision because if you are not used to walk and to hard weather conditions, the best for you is to pick a date when the weather won’t be too hot neither too cold, and preferably dry.

We know that many cannot afford to choose a specific date as they depend on holidays already imposed, so if you are still determined to go on, we recommend you to start preparing in advance to be ready for any situation.

Once you have chosen the date for this journey, the next part is to start preparing physically for the event. You will need to walk many km for many hours on different reliefs, so it is essential you train before doing so.

  • What are the essential items to get in my backpack?

You also need to think about the backpack you will be carrying. If you don’t want the luggage transfer between stages service because you prefer to carry your backpack, it is important you take into account the weight and what it is essential or not to take in it.

Remember that in many hostels, inns and hotels you will have the opportunity to wash your clothes so you won’t need to take clothes for each day. You will be constantly walking, so there is no point in being in your best clothes along the Way.

It is also essential to take an emergency or first-aid kit with some basic materials (plasters, bandages, disinfectant…).

Some items you should certainly put in your backpack are: a raincoat, sandals (for the hostels showers), a hat/cap, sunglasses, clothes, first-aid kit, toilet paper, a water bottle, some food (dried fruits and nuts, for example), sleeping-bag (in case you are going to sleep outdoors), a map, good intentions and a strong will to achieve this goal.

  • How many bags are included in the luggage transport between stages service?

If you have included this service in your trip, you are allowed to take one bag (it can be a backpack or medium suitcase) per person. The weight of this bag cannot exceed 20 kg. Any additional bags must be declared and an additional cost would be applied.

  • What is the Credencial (Pilgrim passport)? How can I get it?

Pilgrim’s credentials is a document handed over to those who want to walk The Way by foot, by bike or by horse, and it is necessary to gain access to the hostels and to obtain the “Compostela”.

You can apply for it in advance in any friends of The Way association or in your town parish. You can also get it in the public hostels in those towns where it is usual to start the route (Roncesvalles, Montserrat, Jaca, Pamplona, Puente la Reina, Estella, Logroño, Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Burgos, León, Astorga, Ponferrada, O Cebreiro, Samos, Sarria…). At the University of Navarra (in Pamplona) they hand over the university credential and the normal one every day at any time (http://www.campus-stellae.org).

Once on The Way, this document will be valid just if it is duly dated and stamped. Therefore, along the way you need to request the stamp and date in the places you will spend the night. Also, do not forget to stamp the credential in the town where you will begin your trip, even if you are not spending the night there. If the public hostel is closed, you can ask for it in any hotel, bar, shop, post office…

If you are hiring the trip with Living the Camino, you will be provided with one Credential for each traveler, as it is included in our packages.

  • What is the Compostela? How can I get it?

In Santiago, the Pilgrim Assistance Office will provide you with the “Compostela” is you have gone through the last 100 km by foot or 200 km by bike (do not forget to get the stamp in the departure town).

The “Compostela” is a centenarian document that proves you have walked The Way. There are two kinds of “Compostela” depending on why you are doing The Way: one is religious (pietatiscausa), the other one is not.

  • Can I travel alone?

If you don’t want to be part of a group, or you want to live this trip as a self-discovery experience, we have available our self-guided tours so you can start any day of the week. You won’t have a guide to accompany you, but we will provide you with phone support on route, in case you have an emergency or just need to solve any doubt.

  • Can I walk the Camino with my family?

Of course you can. If you are thinking about enjoying this amazing experience with your children, we can recommend you the most appropriate ways and stretches so they can also join this particular adventure.

  • What is the difference between guided and self-guided tours?

Guided tours involve hiring a guide that will accompany you during your trip. On the other hand, on a self-guided tour, you will be able to walk on your own pace, not depending on other people for the visits and the stops you want to make.

  • When is my final payment due?

To make a booking, you will have to pay 60€/person, and the rest can be paid 15 days before the trip starts.

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