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The Story behind 'Living the Camino'
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The Story behind 'Living the Camino'

"Living the Camino" was created in 2008, and since that year we have been working to offer our clients the best service. We started being a retail travel agency, but we have grown since then, and now we are also a wholesale agency. We are currently working with tour operators, travel agencies, associations, schools, families, big and small groups, and individuals, having more than 12.000 clients.

We also have participated in FITUR 2015 and 2016 (Madrid, Spain), FIT 2016 (Guarda, Portugal) , WTM 2016 (London, UK), Holiday World Show (Dublin 2018) and ITB Berlín (2018).

We are currently members of the prestigious European travel association ETOA (European tourism association).

In “Living the Camino” our main goal is that the Way of St. James becomes an experience that everyone can enroll. We want our clients to enjoy a different kind of journey, full of sensations and adventures that go beyond the typical tourist destinations everyone is accustomed to.

In order to achieve this, we offer the main Ways organized in different stretches and accommodation options. The French Way, the Northern Way, the Original Way, the English Way, the Portuguese Way, the Silver Route, the Sanabria Way and the Fisterra Way. Different Ways with the same aim: enjoying a period of self-discovery while you get to know new and exciting places and establish unforgettable friendships.

Whether you are looking for the comfort and pleasure of the Charming Hotels or you prefer to surround yourself with the classical pilgrim atmosphere in Hostels, we offer you the opportunity to choose the kind of accommodation that is more suitable for you. We also have a medium option, Inns & Guesthouses, which offers comfort and simplicity as well as a perfect location in the towns and villages.

In addition to the options for individuals who prefer to walk the Way as a self-guided tour, we also offer the organization of guided-tours for groups.

We also have special packages for different organizations such as Schools and Associations of People with Disabilities. Our main objective is that everyone can enjoy this amazing trip.

If you are thinking about setting forth on this incomparable journey, we can help you organize it so everything goes according to your plan, having constant support; that way, the only thing you will need to do is walking and enjoying the experience.


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