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Accommodation types

Date: 24/12/2019

Every pilgrims has their own needs talking about accommodation, and on Living The Camino we offer three different categories depending on your budget and requirements. Do you want to know the characteristics of each type? We are sure you will find the type of accomodation that fits perfectly to you and your trip! Ordered from a low to a high budget we offer:

- Hostels and pilgrim shelters. This is, for sure, the most traditional way to spent the night in your way. Hostels and pilgrim shelters will usually offer you a big room with bunk beds and shared bathrooms, in some cases you can find smaller rooms for groups (if you are travelling with your family and friends). This is the perfect option if you want to save money in your budget, you don't mind sharing space and meeting other pilgrims along the way. Some people makes groups to walk together when they meet in the hostel if they have a similar route.

- Guests Houses and Budget Hotels.Perfect for those who do not want to spent much, but still needs some privacy and quiet time for themselves. We will offer this type of acomodation inside the location you are staying for the night, and we make sure you also have a private bathroom (not all agencies compromise to do this!).

- Charming Hotels and Rural Houses. Each year, more people decide to do this pilgrimage in a more fancy way. This option will offer you the best quality in your accomodation, big rooms, nicely decorated, with luxury services (some of our acomodartions of this category includes Spa Hotels and 5 starts Hotels). This is perfect for those who do not only want to experience the pilgrimage journey, but also treat themselves in the moments of rest and free time. This Hotels, specially the Rural Houses, are not everytime in the location, but we will take you there with our transport service.

But not everything is about just sleep! We can also organise your meals.Breakfast is always included and we can also add lunchs and dinners to your trip.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Contact us for more information.

Start organising the trip perfect for you with us.

Charming Hotel Room