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Chrismas on The Way: Traditional food

Date: 26/12/2019

Probably the most characteristic thing about Chrismas all around the world is food, and in a foodie culture like spanish culture the traditional plates and sweets of Chrismas are even moer important thant decorations or presents. Here is a list of the most representative:

- Apettizers. The typical starters for the Chrismas meals are a table of cheese and meat (Ham, chorizo, salami...), and some vegatables like sparragus, olives, etc. Another very typical apettizer are little toasts with cheese, caviar or salmon on top. One of the trends lately is to get a creative as possible with the apettizers before the more traditional recipes arrive.

- Fish and sea food. More typical for dinners as it is easy to digest than meat. The most popular fish for this time of the year are salmon, dorada "golden fish", cod, etc... and if you are close to the sea, specially the atlantic, seafood is going to be a must have: king prawns, crabs, lobster... A delicious meal for festive dinners.

- Meat. Usually served for lunch, the meaty plates are all about the quality of the meat and the sauce. Slow cooked, roasted, usually the most traditional are lamb, turkey or suckling pig. Tender and tasty meat that would be a delicatessen for meat lovers.

- Traditional sweets. Chrismas has their own traditional sweets for dessert that includes marzipan, "turrón" (a nougat typically made with almonds, honey or chocolate), "polvorones" and "mantecados" (made with lard, powdery and covered with sugar)...

- Cava. The spanish champagne, produce in Catalonia is the perfect fizzy drink for cheering in special ocassions.

-"Roscón de Reyes". The spanish re-invention of the Chrismas cake, filled with cream and topped with frosted fruit. It is tradition to have it at the end of the chrismas on the 6th of January, and try to find the small figurine that hides inside it. It will bring good luck for the rest of the year!

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