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Cities of The Way: Burgos

Date: 23/11/2019

On is way through Castilla y León, the Way of St. James crosses the city of Burgos. This city has a lot of history to offer, so if you are there for just one day and want to meet the essential monuments of the city we recomend you to follow the next route:

- Santa María's Arch: you will find the arch at the end of the homonymous bridge, one of the main sites of the city. In the front of the arch there are six sculptures representing some of the mot famous people of Burgos at that time, like Carlos V or El Cid.

- Cathedral: this gothic temple started its building in 1221 and is considered Heritage of Humanity. Not only the outside is impresive, in the inside you will find an amazing architecture, a chappel, the golden stairs, the tombs of El Cid and Queen Jimena, and the curious Papamoscas clock.

- Surroundings of the cathedral: outside the cathedral you will also fInd many interesting buildings like the Continfalé's Palace, San Nicola's Churchor the ruins of the old medieval castle, where you can admire the landscape from its viewpoint.

- The Town Square: which main building is the council, sorrounded by old houses from th XVIII century in different colours. In the Square you will also find shops, bars and restaurants where you can stop for enjoying a traditional meal of Castilian Tapas, where you can not forget to try the traditional "Morcilla de Burgos", delicious!

- Cordon's House: a big palace from the XV century, with neogothic balconys and historical value. The Catholic Monarchs recieved Cristobal Colombus in this palace after his second travel to America in 1497.

- Mio Cid Square and El Espolón Walk. Following the river you can find along this pathway the Principal Theatre, the Provincial Palace and again Santa Maria's Arch, where we started the route.

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Image source:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Catedral_de_Burgos_II.jpg

Burgos Cathedral. By Camino del Cid. Creative Commons License