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Cities of The Way: León

Date: 23/11/2019

Another of the big cities that you will find on the French Route is the Castilian city of León. Again, as the pilgrim doesn't have many time to visit, we have here the perfect route to meet the most important places of León in one day! This are the essentials you cant miss in León.

- Cathedral: built in the XVIII century over the ruins of a roman therm, this impressive gothic building is considered "the House of the light" thanks to the 125 stained glass windows that decorates its walls.

- "El barrio húmedo": This centric area is probably one of the most famous neighbourhoods of Spain if you want to eat traditional tasty tapas. The area includes the Rua Street, and the Main Square amongst other principal pedestrian streets, full of people, bars and restaurants.

- MUSAC: The Museum of Contemporary Art. Beautifull from the outside (the front is a spectacular combination of colourfull windows) to the inside (where you can find travelling exhibitions). One of the most important contemporary art and culture showcases of the country.

- The walls: located in the historic quarter of the city, the walls with a roman origin also have a few bits of medieval architecture.

- Casa Botines (Botines House): designed by Gaudí, is one of the three constructions the architect built outside Cataluña. The aesthetics of the building mixed a neogothic style with modernist influences.

- Guzmanes Palace: the palace finds it origins in a Mudejar-Gothic Palace, rebuilt in a renacentist, plateresque style.

- San Isidoro Church: a romanic church that held the first democratic courts of the world, considered by the UNESCO the origin or Parlamentarism.

You won't regret discovering the city of León in your way with us.



Image Source:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fachada_de_la_Catedral_de_Le%C3%B3n.jpg

Leon's Cathedral. By Rastrojo. Creative Commons License.