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Cities of The Way: Lisbon

Date: 30/11/2019

The first big stop on the Portuguese Way is the city of Lisbon, capital of Portugal. Considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe, you will find history, modernity, tasty cuisine and a charming atmosphere. Here are the 5 things you can't miss if you have one day in Lisbon, but, as usual, we recommend to spent more than a day in cities to really discover all the corners of the place.

- Belém Area. the historic area of Belém has monuments as the Belém Tower and Jerónimos Monastery, very close to the area where the sailors from the Discovery period used to sail away looking for fortune and new territories.

- Downtown area. After walking away from the Belém area, you will find centre town. The main streets of Lisbon, specially Rua Augusta, are full of restaurants where you can stop to have lunch (and don't forget to have a sweet treat! like the traditional "pasteis de Belém"). Very close to the Rua Augusta, you will find the Plaça de Comercio / Commerce Square, one of the biggest and more important squares of the city.

- Saó Jorge Castle. This castle, completely restored in the 20th century, is settle on the higher hill of the city, so the viewing from it are just breath-taking.

- Neighborhood of Alfama. If you want to know the nostalgic atmosphere of Portugal, you need to get lost in Alfama. Little streets that still keeps the charming nostalgia of the old Lisbon. You can probably found in the area a "Fado" show, because Alfama is the birth house of the musical genre.

- Santa Justa Elevator. This elevator that is a itself, will take you to Carmo. The views from the elevator are also really interesing and when you are uphill you are ready to discover Chiado,another traditional area with shops and restaurants.

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Image Source:https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisboa#/media/Archivo:Lisbon_(37019885565).jpg

Lisbon. Pic by: Deensel. Creative Commons License