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Cities of The Way: Logroño

Date: 23/11/2019

The second big stop of the French Way can be found in Logroño. This city, smaller than Pamplona, is still one of the main towns that the route goes through and along the way you will find several streets and parks. Here is the list of the sites that you can't miss along the route in Logroño.

- Ruavieja Street: the entrance of The Way in Logroño, it will lead you to the Santiago's Square, where you will find the homonymous chuch with a pilgrim's hostel and a place to get and fill your credential.

- El Camino's door: crossing the impresive arch will guide you to a circular fountain that marks the beginning of one of the main streets of Logroño.

- Marqués de Marrieta Street: more than a kilometre of pedestrian street in the centre of the city, full of life and shops.

- San Miguel Park and La Grajera's Park: the big green areas of Logroño, La Grajera's park, specially. This second park is almost 3,5 metres long and it reminds of the Roman Vía Appia (Appia Roman Road)

- La Grajera's water reservoir, at the end of La Grajera's Park, and at the end of the route that crosses Logroño, this water reservoir was built in 1883 to acumulate the water from the Iregua's river.

After you have said goodbye to Logroño, you will walk a few kilometres to the next stage: Navarrete.

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Image Source:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Logro%C3%B1o_-_Iglesia_de_San_Bartolome_01.jpg

San Bartolome's Church. By Zarateman. Creative Commons License