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Cities of The Way: Pamplona

Date: 23/11/2019

Along you way you will discover not only remote villages, but also some of the main cities of Spain. In this new post series you will know more about those big city landscapes and what to do in each one, so you can take the most of it in your walk through them.

Our first stop, Pamplona, is one of the main sites of the French Way.

The way crosses the city from north-east to south-east, and enters through the medieval Bridge of "La Magdalena". From there, the route continues crossing the medieval walls of the old city, the Navarrería Square (very close to the Cathedral), and following the Mercaderes Street arrives to the Council Square, where every summer the San Fermin celebrationsstarts. The route continue through place like the church of San Saturnino, La Taconela's Park or the University of Navarra, where the route leaves the city.

The main attractions of the route that goes through Pamplona are:

- Walls: very well conservated, they are one of the most important national monuments.

- Cathedral: Built in the XII-XVII century, combines the neoclasical front with a gothic cloister.

- Council: this beautiful and colourful bulding mix barroque and neoclasical styles.

- San Saturnino's Church: fortified chuch from the medieval era.

- Condestable Palace: one of the few examples of civil architecture from the XVI century in Pamplona.

- San Lorenzo's Church: inside you will find San Fermin Chappel, patron saint of the city.

- La Taconera's gardens: french styled gardens, deers and peacocks that walks freely inside.

- Citadel: the green lung of the city, now used for sports and cultural events.

- Campus: 400.000 metres of extension that are part of the University of Navarra.

Want to know Pamplona and the French Way with us?


Image Source:https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pamplona_Sanfermines_Calle_San_Nicolas.JPG

San Fermines en Pamplona. By SanchoPanzaXXI. Creative Commons License