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Cities of The Way: Vigo

Date: 30/11/2019

Following the Portuguese Route, in Spanish lands you will find the portuarian city of Vigo. Here is one of the routes that you can follow if you want to discover the essentials of the city in just one day.

- Príncipe Street. Start your day having a coffe in one of the terraces of Príncipe Street. Once you've finished you can walk to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), or do some shoppings.

- Vigo's Foundations and cultural places. You can continue your journey immersed in art and exhibitions, in Vigo's Cultural Golden Mile. There is so many different places that in one day you are not going to be able to see them all, but for sure you will find some exhibitions that you can find interesting.

- Vigo's Old Town. Following the Policarpo Sanz Street you will encounter the old part of the city, entering through the Plaza de la Constitución / "Constitution Street". In this area you can have a break and enjoy food in one of its restaurants. We specially recommend you to try the oysters served in the Oyster Street, a delicatessen.

- O Castro Mountain. To end the day, you can get out of the Old Town and clim the O Castro Mountain, where you will finish you visit in watching the sunset from the Vigo Stuary.

You're welcome to discover Vigo and the Portuguese Way with us!


Vigo city