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Cities of The Way: Zamora

Date: 01/12/2019

The Romanesque jewel, Zamora, is a small town located in the north-west of Spain and the Silver Route goes through it. Also, you can know the Sanabrese Way starting in the charming little town full of Romanesque monuments and good traditional cuisine. The small sixe of the town will let you discover it in just one day, with no rush. Here is the list of the sites you cannot miss if you are visiting Zamora, following a very simple route.

- Marina's Square. The starting point of our route is the Marina Square, right in centre town. Next to the square is Santa Clara Street, the main pedestrian street of the city where you can find the main shops but also, all along the street you will find different Romanesque churchs and modernist buildings from the beggining of the 20th century. You can also stop for a lunch break in the "pinchos and tapas" area that you will find on the right side of the street. Also, Santa Clara Street is connected with the paralel street, San Torcuato, other one of the main shopping streets of Zamora.

- Plaza Mayor / Main Square. Following Santa Clara Street you will find the Plaza Mayor, where you can find the council, the police station, and San Juan Church. On the left side of the square you will find two streets: Balborraz Street, one of the most typical streets, with a pictoresque mixture of colours in the buildings and where you can find artesany shops. The other little street is Herrero's Street, a long but narrow street full of bars, that is the epicentre of nightlife, and also where you can try different pinchos during the day.

- Viriato Square. Following that same straight line, you will find Viriato Square. A beautiful square very close to the public library and its view point. Following the same line you will connect with out next stop, the Cathedral. But on the way you will find other monuments like Ramos Carrion Theatre (just before entering the square) or Magdalena Church.

- The cathedral. The historic area of Zamora dates from the medieval times, and you will find in the same area Romanesque monuments like the Cathedral, but also even older constructions as the Castle.Take your time to discover all the gardens, churches and surroundings of the historic area, it will be like travelling in time to a fairytale.

Contact us if you want to discover Zamora, our offices are settled here and it is an honour to help people knowing our town.


Cathedral of Zamora