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Historic Vigo mark the route of The Way in centre town.

Date: 06/11/2019

The citizen platform "Historic Vigo" will mark with the characteristics yellow arrows and the vieira shell the path of the Way of St. James that goes inside the centre of the city. This itinerary, passage of the Portuguese Way along the coast, grows every year due to the natural and cultural interest of the Jacobean Route.

The route runs along the center of Vigo, through points of greatest patrimonial interest such as the Paseo de Alfonso XII, Oliveira, Elduayen, Sombrereiros, Colegiata and Praza de Compostela.

Historic Vigo believes that the construction of a new tunnel in Elduayen will affect the movement and image of the pilgrims in ther access to the old district of Vigo (Casco Vello), so they will install symbolic arrow marks to indicate the route for the pilgrims and to claim that is possible to find other alternatives more sustaible and respectfull with the heritage and the enviroment than the construction of the tunnel.

Vieira Shell, use to indicate the route of the Way of St. James