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How to pack: clothes

Date: 12/11/2019

Once you have decided in wich dates you are gonna walk, you need to pack in consequence.

Your clothes needs to be adapted for the season you have choose, but also be ready for any time of climate change. Your clothes must be breathadable, light weighted, with pale colours that will reflect the light and the sun, and resistant. We recommend that the underwear ans socks are made with cotton and natural fibres, that will help your skin breath and you will feel more comfortable and fresh Also, don't forget to bring a waterproof coat and clothes that can keep you warm, even if you are traveling in summer, a storm or a cold day might surprise you!

And, of course, the shoes. Your boots are the main part of your pilgrim outfit. Footwear must be completely adjusted and comfortable to your feet, breathdable, waterproof, prepared for all types of ground, and not new! Do not start walking with new shoes! You should train with them before starting the way to make them softer, adjusted, and ready for the way.

All your clothes must be breathdable, light, pale and resistant.