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How to pack: The backpack

Date: 12/11/2019

In many hostels, Inns and hotels you will have the chance to wash your clothes, so is not necesary to pack with clothes for everyday. Our services include the transfer of luggage from one acomodation to the next one, but even if your heavy luggage is in owr hand you should always carry some essentials that will make your way easier.

- First Aid Kit. Sure you don't need to carry with a big one, but a basic first aid kit that include the basics (plasters, bandage, desinfectant...) is a must that you can't forget.

- Sandals: to protect your feet in the public showers if you are choosing to share bathroom.

- a raincoat,

- a hat/cap, sunglasses, and sunscream (even if is a cloudy day) to protect you from the sun.

- toilet paper

- water bottle

- some food (fruits and nuts will give you a healthy boost of energy )

- sleeping-bag (in case you are going to sleep outdoors)

- A map with the route.


And don't forget your good intentions and a strong will to achieve this goal! Sometimes might not feel easy, but it will be the experience of your life.

The essential backpack