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How to prevent foot injuries

Date: 27/12/2019

Your feet are your most valuable tool to help you complete The Way, and you will need to take care of them. The feet are usually the body part that got injured more often in El Camino, as they are constantly making an effort. But is easy to take care of them and prevent those small injuries.

- Get a good pair of boots. Your boots are going to be your best friend during the walk. They need to have quality, be flexible (so do not use a new pair! Train with them the months before your walk), waterproof and breathable. Same with the socks, use those ones made with natural fibres, absorvent but breathable.

- Train before you start your walk.

- Warm up each day before starting your walk.

- Stretch every day after your walk.

- Take care of your nails.

- Stop if you feel a blister or burn coming. The more friction you give to it, the worst it will get, so have band-aids ready for the minimum alert of irritated skin.

- Keep yourself hydrated.

- Let your skin breath. Take of your shoes and socks and let them breath.

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