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Improved pilgrim's signaling in the "Mozárabe" Way in Vegas Altas

Date: 16/02/2020
The Association of Friends of the Mozárabe Road of Santiago in Badajoz, in collaboration with other groups, has signalled the road that connects Medellín to San Pedro de Mérida, improving the safety of pilgrims.The section in which it has intervened includes the variant by the Búrdalo River by the Cordel de San Pedro, which coincides with the old Roman road that linked the Roman cities of Mérida and Medellín, from where the bifurcated Roman roads to Toledo and Cordoba.

The project consists of the placement of two information panels in the towns of Medellín and Yelbes, another intermediate information panel with the Santa Amalia variable, ten granite monoliths and many other intermediate support signs.

The three options are "viable and are marked". Everything has been done to "improve the safety" of the pilgrims in this section where the road coincided with the N-430 road in just over 3 kilometres.

The association notes that while it is true that you have to cross the Búrdalo River, it is done by a natural speed bump that "in most cases can be passed without problems", although it warns about the recommendations of the recently installed signage.


Monolith with the typical signaling