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Japan and the Basque Country impulse "The Way" together

Date: 08/11/2019

Japanese people also have their own way of pilgrimage, located in the Mie Prefecture. That is why, the nipon country has decided to join forces with the Basque Country to promote and impulse tourism in both countries. The routes their trying to promote are, in Spain, the Northern Way that goes through the Basque Country and in Japan, the Kii mountainrange route. The collaboration has been announce after a meeting between the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu and Eikei Suzuki, governor of Mie, in the Palace of Ajuria Enea.

Urukullo has emphasized the importance of this collaboration with a country that is "at the forefront of technology and with a high level of development". Also, the Lehendakari has pointed out the fact that Japan is celebrating the Olympic Games next year, and that will lead to more exchange opportunities.

The collaboration has also include other areas, such as food, with the exchange between local chefs and young aspirants.

Japan and the Basque Country impulse