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Legends of El Camino: A Quimada

Date: 27/12/2019

The Way of St. James is a christian pilgrimage, but as we have always said, the experience can be enjoy for every type of people, believer or not believers. And Galicia, apart from the christian traditions it also has lots of legends linked to the celtic rites and pagan religion. One of the most famous traditios is A Queimada, a drink that will keep you warm but also it is said to help you avoid bad spirits.

The tradition has travelled through ages, but the rite as it is known now date from the 50's when Tito Freire desingned the pot that is used to mix the potion and the spell was written in the 60's by Mariano Marcos Abalo.

The rite is simple but full of meaning. The pot, made of clay represent Mother Earth. The licuor "Orujo" represents the water. The master of ceremonies, the druid, set fire to the potion while reciting the spell to add the element of light. Together with the air, the blue flames of the potion dance. All the elements of the planet had been summond in this ritual that is usually made is solstice days (Halloween and the Night of St. John, winter and summer solstice). The ingredients includes a strong licuor, sugar, coffee and citrus like orange or lemon. As you can imagine it is a strong alcoholic drink, so its cosume needs to be moderate. In fact the ritual encourages you to just have three shots. One for avoiding the spirits, other for clearing your mind and the last one to help you rise your passion.


You will find more legends and ritual all along your way. Contact us if you want to start organising your walk!

Galicia is a land of legends