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Pilgrimage, What being a pilgrim means?

Date: 16/12/2019

Apilgrimageisatrip,oftentoanunfamiliarordistantlocation,whereapersongoesthroughtheprocessinsearchofneworenlargedsignificanceforhimself,others,life,or God.Itcancontributetoapersonaltransformation,afterwhichthepilgrimreturnstohisdailylife and routines.

Pilgrimage is present in all different cultures and religions; Muslim people to the Meca, Buddhist to Angkor Wat or Christians to, in this case, the Cathedral of Santiago.

Usually the places where the pilgrimage ends has some kind of religious relevance, like the birth or death place of some prophet, a site of spiritual awakening or places where a deity are "housed". Many are the different reasons for what a pilgrimage site has an specific spiritual importance, but in conclusion, the pilgrimage route is following a sacred road to a sacred place.Nowadays, all those pilgrimage places are still very important for the religions that sanctify those sites, but the pilgrimage are also getting more open for non-religious pilgrims that may just want to discover the pilgrimage route for other reasons, like cultural importance, historic events or touristic attractions.

Anyway, even if you are not following the pilgrimage route with a religious believe, usually the way to approach those sacred places are by walk, contributing to create in the pilgrim a sense of effort that will give a new vision to the experience. Many non-religious people gets attracted to The Way of St. James just by the experience, the landscapes, the people you find walking with you, the moments of solitude and reflection... Every day is a day where you rediscover life and walking now has another meaning.

Is not just a normal walk journey, is a discovery journey. A journey about connection with yourself, the land and the people.

Contact us if you want to organise your pilgrimage route on The Way of St. James.

We have more than 30 options that adapts to every type of pilgrim and budget.

Pilgrimage is all about finding yourself.