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Portugal is creating new 1400km in the Way of St. James

Date: 06/11/2019

The Portuguese way is one of the most popular routes, and now they are getting ready three new pathways. This walks will be located in the Central Way, Da Raia Way and the Nascente way.

The central way will count with 572km and 19 stages and will start in Santa cruz and finishin Golega and will share the Alentejo and Ribatejo landscapes with the Nascent Road, whose 383 kilometers separate Mesquita from Nisa in 19 stages. Da Raia Way will connect Mértola and Alpahao with 310 km, but it won't be open until January.

Now, a lot of new shelters and hostels are opening along those new routes and the path is already stating to be prepared for the coming of the pilgrims with other services, and for now there is already 850 km marked with the typical yellow arrows.

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