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Portuguese Way

Date: 24/10/2019

Even if the Spanish routes for the Way of St. James are more famous, every year the Portuguese Way gets more popular because of its villages, cities and patrimony with cultural, natural and artistic value. In fact, the Portuguese way is the second more popular route from the way of St. James. The Portuguese Way become more popular from the 12th century onwards, but its origins are even more ancient, and lately more pilgrims are trying this way because is path is easier than other routes.

When we talk about the Portuguese Way we do not talk about just one route specifically, but all the different routes that goes through Portugal and the west of Galicia. The route can be as personalize as every pilgrim needs, but we usually talk about two different versions of the way: the interior route (starting in Oporto) and the sea route (Starting inTui).

The route that goes along the sea will give you the chance to meet historical cities as Lisboa or Oporto, entering to Galicia following the river Miño, while the interior route joins with the Sanabrese Route that starts in Spain.

But this route not only has cultural monuments along the way, it also has some of the most beautiful landscapes you can find like the Cies Islands or theAtlantic Islands National Park. And, if you decide to walk this way, you will also find archaeological sites in Gondomar, Santa Tecla or Redondela.

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