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Previous training: cycling

Date: 17/11/2019

If you have decided to cycle your way to Santiago, you will need around two months of previous training. A proper organisation of the route by cycling would divided the journey in stages between 60 and 100 kilometres. It is convinient to study, not only the lenght of the different stages, but also the profiles of each of them, and adapt the route to the physical condition of the pilgrim.

Keep in mind that, by foot, the average distance is 4 or 5 kilometres by hour, but on bike you can easily achieve 12 or 13 kilometres per hour (around 60 km in 5 hours), that is why to get the Compostelana you need to cycle 200 kilometres instead of the 100 kilometres that they ask you when you do the pilgrimage by walk. Good thing, is because it takes less time to complete a stage by bike, you will find more time to enjoy the places or making stops with no hurry.

The perfect time to do The Way by cycle is at the end of the summer, in september, when the temperatures are getting softer and the days are still long enough.

Do you want to discover The Way cycling? We recommend you not cycling alone!

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