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Sarria to Santiago. The most popular stage of the Way of St. James

Date: 01/11/2019

Just 111 kilometres separates the beautiful location of Sarria (Lugo) from the end of the way in Santiago de Compostela, that is why a lot of pilgrims decide to start this journey at this stage, and that is for sure one of the best options if you need to organise a quick trip in "The way", maybe because of economic reasons, lack of time or because is your first time walking the route.

Its history dates back to Roman times, with two Roman villas and a funeral stele. Thanks to the Way of St. James, numerous hospitals, bridges, hermitages were open… and the town becomes a dinamic town, having, since then, more infrastructures and visitors until, over the eighteenth century, pilgrimages plummeted and Sarria remained alone with seventy houses and very few businesses. Nowadays, Sarria has around 13.350 inhabitants ans is one of the locations that has more services associated with the Way of St. James, with a rich traditional gastronomy and a great artistic heritage.

The route between Sarria and Santiago de compostela is divided in 5 stages and you can complete the journey in 7 days.In LIVING THE CAMINO, we offer you this route with different types of acommodation (from private hostels to charming hotels).

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