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Small towns and villages in The Way: Mansilla de las Mulas

Date: 03/02/2020

Lying on the banks of the River Esla we found our next location, Mansilla de las Mulas, a historic city surrounded by a wall in the province of León.

Mansilla has maintained its culture and traditions over the centuries and is still one of the towns were hospitality towards pilgrims and the Jacobean heritage is still present, in all the celebrations that the Ville got along the year. The festivities in July (the festivities of Santiago) are the most important in the year and includes medieval festivities, markets, theatre and knight duels. But it is not the only date you should remember in summer as they also celebrate the last second Sunday of August the Tomato Fair, where you can find the traditional market, and yes, a "Tomatina" or tomato fight, a fun event that gathers people from all ages.

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Pic source:https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/28/Iglesia_de_Santa_Mar%C3%ADa_Mansilla_de_las_Mulas.jpg

Pic by: Miguel Angel Pescador. Creative Commons License