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Symbols of The Way II

Date: 24/12/2019

And we continue discovering the different symbols related with The Way of St. James and the story behind them. Keep on reading if you want to be a master of the symbols of The Way!

- The Milestone. These blocks of concrete are decorated with a yellow scalp on a blue background. Milestones are used to mark the path of the route and the distance of it, separated by 1km each, except in Galicia where they appear every 500 metres.

- The Yellow arrow. All along the way you will find this arrows in very different way, some are big, other are smaller, some are made by wood, others painted on milestones. They are used to guide the pilgrims along their way and show the direction of the path. In the Portuguese way, the arrows might also be green ( but do not got mistaken by the blue ones that lead to Fatima in Portugal the opossite direction from Santiago).

- The Codex Calixtinus. This is the most important document of the Xacobean Route, a manuscript that gather together five different books that includes liturgical texts, Xacobean traditions and miracles of Santiago Apostle.

- The "Botafumeiro". This incense burner is one of the biggest in the world, with 60 kg and 1.60 m, all made of silver. It is located in Santiago's cathedral and its made to be moved like flying all around the cathedral, spreading the incense and charcoal. Watching the Botafumeiro flying is not a regular thing, as it this onyl happens in holy days like Easter, St James Day, Assumption Day, etc. A spectacle that you don't want to miss..

- The Xacobean year / Holy Year. It happens every 6, 5, 6 and 11 years, when the 25th of July happens on a Sunday. Those year are really important for the pilgrims as it is believed that on Holy Year, all those pilgrims that reach Santiago wil be forgiven of their sins.

- The Wholy Door and the Tomb of St. James. The most special sites of Santiago's cathedral.

- Cruceiros. Those architectonical elements that you will find integrated in the landscape af the area (Galicia) represent Christ on a cross, and on the other side an image of the virgin Mary. This crosses are sites specifically made for pray and devotional activities.

Yellow arrow on The Way