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The French Route

Date: 24/10/2019

Do you want to know more about the most popular route of the Way of St. James?

Declared in 1993 by Unesco, World Heritage of Humanity, is also called the Franco-Navarro Route. Its origin dates back to the ninth century in which the tomb of the Apostle Santiago was discovered. Route of the majority of the Hispanic Kings, served for the reconques thus becoming one of the main routes, because in addition in the French way the rest of the routes converge at some point.

Its starting point is Roncesvalles or Saint Jean Pied de Port (Frenche Basque Country). More than 750 km that goes through 141 towns make it one of the most extensive, hard and interesting roads of all. But being thebusiest route, you will find pilgrims who will accompany you along the path.

A route full of archeological heritage such as the sites of Atapuerca, Las Médulas, numerous Celtic and Roman castros and some sections of the Roman road Vía Trajana and Via Aquitaine.As for the artistic heritage, numerous cathedrals such as Santa María in Astorga, Santo Domingo de la Calzada or Santiago el Mayor in Santago de Compostela.

In LIVING THE CAMINO we have 10 different routes/ stagesthat goes through the French way.


Santiago de Compostela Cathedral. View from Alameda's park