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The mountain stage in Lepoeder will close the 1st of November

Date: 31/10/2019

The first stage of the French Way of the Camino de Santiago, through its East variant, starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port, runsthrough Huntto, Orisson and the Port of Lepoeder to Roncesvalles.This variant supposes to overcome more than 1,200m of unevenness, taking into account the 154 m s.n.m. to which is Saint Jean Pied de Port and the 1432 m s.n.m. from the Port of Lepoeder, in addition to the small intermediate slopes. That is why November 1 will be closed.

Continuous actions to improve signaling and periodic verification of their validity have been carried out.However, interventions in this area of rescue personnel, both professional and voluntary, persist on many occasions due to the faintness or lack of information and preparation of pilgrims.The situation is especially serious in winter, with very difficult conditions for rescue, including life-threatening situations of rescue equipment, given the orography and weather of the area, and the serious difficulties of access, location and evacuation.


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