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The Primitive Way

Date: 28/10/2019

Asturias is one of the loveliest places in Spain, and the Primite Way will let you discover some of the most beautiful locations of it, and of course, also Galicia.

This is the original route of the Way of St. James, inaugurated by King Alfonso II. After the discovery of the Apostle's body, he walked there and ordered to built a Basilica to workship him. For years this was the predominant route, as Oviedo was the capital of the kingdom. After Leon was named the new capital, pilgrims started to use the French Way more, but the original route is experimenting a comeback.

Even if is one of the most intrincate and difficult ways, is not too long and you wil discover not only some of the main cities of the north like Oviedo or Lugo, but also lovely towns like Salas, Tineo, Fonsagrada, Sobrado, etc.

If you want to know this route, from LIVING THE CAMINO, we offer you two options: walk and bike!

Are you ready to enjoy this wonderful experience?


San Salvador Cathedral, Oviedo.