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The way cycling

Date: 31/10/2019

The way of St. James is always a challenge, and every year more people decide to take the challenge a step further and do it by bicyle, an unforgetable experience that would let you discover a new way of doing "El Camino".

But, of course, if you always have to be aware of certain recomendations when you are doing the rpute by walk, those recomendations change when you are cyling the way. Take note of this advice before you start organising the travel of your life.

- Be trained and physically prepared for doing the way by cyling. Your body need to be ready to avoid tiredness and injuries.

- Choose the right season. Spring and autumn are the best options because of the soft weather and the less crowded routes. Summer is not recomendable as it might get too hot and the inflow of pilgrims is very high. We recommend you to avoid the winter months, specially from November to March.

- Even if you are a lone wolf, do not cycle alone. You will find other pilgrims doing the way on their bicycles, and it will be very useful to join them. You can share food, acommodation, and is always safer to cycle wth someone in case there is an accident or anything to resolve.

- Just take the luggage that you need. The essentials are water, isotonic drinks, sweet snacks. And for the equipment do not forget the helmet, gloves, sun glasses, clothes (for cold and hot weather) that dry quick, a rain coat, first-aid kit, sunscreen lotion and replacement and basic tools for your bicycle.

- Of course, all along the way you have to keep in mind all the traffic regulation.

If you prefer to rent the bike to avoid being so aware of it, we can do it for you. We rent it, reserve your accommodations, organize the route and take care of your belongings. You can also desing you own route!

Want to know the options we offer to discover the different routes of the Way of St. James in Bicycle?


We help you to organise your route by bike.