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The Way during winter

Date: 23/12/2019

You can walk the way all along the year, and yes, spring and autumn have the perfect conditions to walk and summer is the most popular time, but what about winter?

If you want to experience a different way and enjoy the wonders of winter in nature, we also offer you routes and dates during the winter months. But first, you need some adivce about this season.

- The French Route. This route is the most popular so most of the acommodations will be open, including the winter months, which is not always possible in other less crowded routes. The last 100 km (Sarria - Santiago) are perfect for this.

- Avoid mountain areas. Trekking mountain routes can be really dangerous during the winter months, specially if there's snow and climate difficulties.

- Pack properly. Same as you got ready for hot weather conditions on the summer, you will also need to pack properly to fight the cold.

- Connect with yourself. Winter is not a very popular moment to walk, so you will not find many people along your way. This is the perfect moment for walking if you really want to enjoy the solitude moments and be at peace with your inner self.

- Wake up early. The hours of light are less than the summer, so you will need to start your walk very early in the morning.

You are still on time to prepare your winter trip with us for 2020!

The Way of St. James during winter