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The way of St. James as a organised trip.

Date: 09/11/2019

If you are thinking about starting this marvellous experience, you are probably questioning yourself How shoul I organise this trip? Alone or with help?There are many advantages and asking for the help of a experience travel agency like us, LIVING THE CAMINO, to organise your trip. And of course, we will adapt as much as possible to all of your preferences.

Want to know all the advantages that choosing an organised trip would do for you?

- Usually, agencies include a Accident and Travel Insurance. If you want to arrange your own Travel Insurance, it might be more expensive, and the insurance that agencies offer usually covers all the aspects that can affect you as a pilgrim (ant type of accident, theft...), creeating a more personalisez and suited insurance for your.

-Some agencies give you to choose the date to do it, although others do not, have their own date of departure and arrival. In our case, you are free to chose the dates that suit you best.

- Duringthe night, you have a single room with its own bathroom in most cases, so you can be sure you take rest and relax that night.

-Many services also include companion, guide, support vehicle, and direct contact with the Agency itself that will attend to your needs as urgently as possible. You can hire all those services with us, and some are already include in our basic package.

- If is your first time or you don't know the route you're travelling, it might be tricky to organised the way. An experience agency will save you a lot of time thinking about the route, the accomodation, your luggage... You can trust profesionals that know The Way deeply and will offer you the best options adapted to your needs and expectations.

The only disadvantage, is that some agencies already have dates, acommodation and defined places of departure that might not match your ideal trip. LIVING THE CAMINO has also think about that and you can choose your own date, route, and type of acommodation.

Do you want to let us organising your trip?

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