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The Way on Chrismas

Date: 25/12/2019

Merry Chrismas! Today is Chrismas day and we were thinking about all the pilgrims that choose this magical time to walk The Camino. If you are thinking about starting your journey next Chrismas pay attention to the following advice. It might not be the most popular or easiest time to walk, but the experience will be worth it.

What do you need to keep in mind if you want to do your pilgrimage on Chrismas time?

- Is not a popular time, which means, is not going to be easy to find other pilgrims along the way. But is the perfect time if you want to connect with yourself or your walk partners and enjoy the solitude, silence and peace the route.

- The best route, The French Way. As pilgrims do not usually choose this dates to walk, some of the less crowded routes accomodations close during winter, specially if they are located in small villages. That is why choosing routes that are popular will make easy to find accomodation.

- Book with anticipation. Yes, we have dates available all the days of the year, but in some dates might be tricky to find the perfect accomodation. If you booked with months in advance we can make sure we book you the best accomodations and organise the perfect trip.

- Be aware of the weather. Its Chrismas, its winter, is gonna be cold. Pack for low temperatures and rainy days, and do not risk yourself choosing routes that goes through mountains (The Pyrenees, O Cebreiro...) as the snow might be dangerous.

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We can start working on your booking for your next Chrismas now!

Feel the magic of Chrismas in The Way of St. James