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What is a pilgrim?

Date: 23/12/2019

We can call a pilgrim one who travels to a holy place for a specific purpose, maybe is for a sense of adventure and tourism,, maybe is for religious reasons, but what it shouldn't be is a serie of stops along a way, rushing to the next location, captivating the moment with a camera but not reflecting on the experience.

The journet might be to a exotic new place, or maybe a place close to your home, but the sites that you will visit have a great importance to the culture it belongs. Every culture have sites with a spiritual significance linked to a pilgrimage route, usually those places are difficult to arrive to, with a sense of effort. But also, the long distances that lead you to the sacred place, are not just about the physical effort, but about the spiritual and mental journey.

The journey is a metaphor of life. It takes effort, find your inner peace, connect with the other pilgrims you will find along the way. The pilgrim is not just a traveller, is that traveller that cherish the moment, that focus on the moment to reflect about themselves and the journey, that is open to learn the values the experience will teach them.

In Living The Camino, we want to approach to The Way of St James in a respecfull way, offering packages that adapt to every type of pilgrim.

Contact us for more information, we would be glad to organise such a personal journey for you.

Pilgrimage is more than travelling