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What to pack in winter

Date: 23/12/2019

So, you are one of the adventurous pilgrims that decided to walk in winter we congratulate you, for sure is going to be an incredible experience. But you may still a little bit lost with the packing. Here is some advice to make your packing time easier, do not forget anything essential!

Be ready for the cold, you will need to wear warm clothes that at the same time let you be comfortable if the climate changes, the key is to wear several layers, so you can adjust your outfit to your needs.Even if it is cold, you will be walking and making a physical effort, so you will sweat. Make sure your clothes, specially the ones close to your skin are made of breathadable.

Protect your head from losing heat by wearing a hat. Also, wear gloves and thick socks. It would be a great idea to always bring an extra pack of socks in case the rain wet your boots.Talking about the boots! Waterproof boots are essential for every season, but specially during the winter months. Snow, rain, or even the mist in the morning will wet your boots and you will need the to be on perfect condition.And your coat! It needs to be cozy, but light and waterproof.

And, this might sound strange, but do not forget your sunglasses and sunscream! Some people think that during winter skin is protected but the UV light is still dangerous during winter.

If you're thinking about booking your trip for the winter months you still have time! Contact us for more information.

Get ready for the cold when you are packing!