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Wine Tasting in The Way of St. James

Date: 24/12/2019

We already talked about the typical gastronomy of The Way of St James, but we think is also necessary to get into the world of wine. Spain is one of the main producers of wine in the world, but we not only produce regular wine, we produce wine with quality. Wine is so related to spanish culture that knowing more about whine will make you understan more about the places you visit, their landscape and their people.

- Txacoli. The wine from the north, located on the Basque Country and Cantabria. This wine has a low concentration of alcohol, but it flavour is dry and a little bit acid. It is usually serve when it still young (a year maximum) before meals as an starter.

- Tempranillo. Mainly made in the area of Castilla, Tempranillo wines are fruity and medium-full bodied. The grapes used for elaborating thins ones are not usually acidic which makes this wine a very combinable wine with very different types of food. Tempranillo, literally means "The early one", because the grapes use to made it are usually picked before the rest of the vineard is ready to be collected.

- Albariño. The galician wine is characterised by its light but acid taste, and its skin and multiple pips might give a residual intense taste. Albariño is a very aromatic wine that is usually served with fish and seafood, and has an alcohol percentage of 11.5-12.5%.

- Rioja. One of the most famous wines in the world, know by its intensity, vanilla notes and its ageing in oak barrels. Depending on the age of the wine can be Rioja (the youngest), Crianza (two years, one in barrel), Reserva (at least three years, one in barrell) and Gran Reserva (at least two years in barrell, three in bottle)

- El Bierzo. Made in a specific area of León, known by its mineral mines, El Bierzo also produce a wine with soft notes of fruity flavour and is one of the newest promises of the country in the wine industry

- Toro. This D. O (Origin Denomination) is known specially by its red wines. It is one of the wines with more alcohol concentration (sometimes reaching 16%) but also one of the most intense, aromatic ones, with a large production that includes different varietys like tempranillo, verdejo, white...

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