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Day 1. Arrival at Santiago and Stage 1: Santiago de Compostela – Negreira (21,3 km)Day 1. Arrival at Santiago and Stage 1: Santiago de Compostela – Negreira (21,3 km)

Once you arrive at Santiago, you will start walking towards the first stop in this Way, Olveiroa. This is a nice and short stage and we can highlight the town of Ponte Maceira and its beautiful medieval bridge, which is certainly worth a visit. Also, in Negreira you can visit another medieval construction, Pazo do Cotón.

Accommodation in Negreira.


Day 2. Stage 2: Negreira – Olveiroa (33,2 km)Day 2. Stage 2: Negreira – Olveiroa (33,2 km)

Breakfast in Negreira.

After breakfast, you will be able to continue the route towards Olveiroa. Even though this stage is quite long, it is also great to enjoy the rural environment and great landscape of this region, such as the view over Xallas Valley and Fervenza Reservoir.

Accommodation in Olveiroa

Day 3. Stage 3: Olveiroa – Fisterra (32 km)Day 3. Stage 3: Olveiroa – Fisterra (32 km)

Breakfast in Olveiroa.

Ready to continue your journey, you will be leaving Olveiroa, walking a stage full of sublime surroundings as well as many landmarks to visit: Cruceiro Marco Do Couto, the chapels of Nosa Señora Das Neves and San Pedro Mártir, and both the towns of Cee and Corcubión. After passing these places, you will continue your walk among forests, beaches and cliffs. Of course, do not miss the chance of getting to Fisterra Lighthouse and enjoy the view of what is called “The World’s End”.  

Accommodation in Fisterra.

Day 4. Stage 4: Fisterra – Muxía (29 km)Day 4. Stage 4: Fisterra – Muxía (29 km)

Breakfast in Fisterra.

The journey has not ended yet, and your pilgrimage will continue towards the place where it is said Virgin Mary disembarked when arriving at Spain: Muxía. You will pass by the nice town of Lires, and will keep walking enjoying the views of the Costa Da Morte until you arrive at Muxía. There, you should certainly visit the Sanctuary of Virxe Da Barca.

Accommodation Muxía.

Day 5. Breakfast and end of servicesDay 5. Breakfast and end of services

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